Our Products

TDL VDFB – Vertical Double Flush Box

The Vertical Double Flush Box is used to enable the Trojan egress solution products to be mounted in a vertical format.

It allows for the Press Rex and Prox Rex units to be mounted above the Smart Em Rex and standard Em Rex units and the double vertical surround. It also allow for the Em Cover to be fitted below the Prox with the standard single surround.

TDL-SMK – Surface Mounting Kit for the Prox and Em Rex Units

It comprises of a mounting block and deep surround to allow for the surface mounting of the Prox and Em Rex® units. It gives you a neat and professional finish to a surface mounting situation.

TDL 1RB – Single Relay Board

The TDL-1RB is an 8 Amp Relay Board. It has 1 x 12Vdc input that switches a single pole double throw relay.

TDL 2RB – 2 Way Relay Board

The TDL-2RB is a 2 way 8 Amp Relay Board. It has 2 x 12Vdc inputs that can switch 2 separate single pole double throw relays.