TDL 2RB – 2 Way Relay Board

Two Way 8 Amp Power Relay Board The 2 Way 8 Amp Relay Board has 2 x 12Vdc inputs that can switch 2 x 8 amp single pole double throw relays. This unit also fits on the TDL Mounting Base system to ensure a neat and tidy installation.


  • Contact rated at 8 Amps AC/DC
  • Designed to be used as an interface between a low current switching control board and a high powered lock
  • LED to indicate relay status
  • Raising clamp type terminals will not damage cables and can accommodate up to a 2.5mm2 cable
  • Fits TDL-MB mounting system
  • Modular unit that can be used to switch a number of devices


  • Two way Relay Board
  • Operating Voltage 9 to 16Vdc - 38mA at 13.6 Vdc per relay
  • 12Vdc negative trigger inputs
  • Two Single Pole Double Throw relays
  • Contacts rated at 8 Amps AC/DC
  • Dimensions: 55mm (w) x 60mm (h) x 23mm (d)
TDL 2RB – 2 Way Relay Board