TDL-FAB Fire Alarm Interface Board

The TDL Fire Alarm Interface board allows for the neat installation of the required interface between the Fire Alarm and the Access Control Systems and the monitoring off them In the past we have had to use an unsightly Omron LY2 relay or equivalent 10amp relay and base which never looks the part in an Access Control cabinet.


  • Clean normally closed input from the fire alarm system.
  • Separate power supply input which is isolated from the door control input power.
  • Has a control output so it can be daisy chained from FAB to FAB so that there is no requirement for any further input from the fire alarm system. The Link Terminal output provides both power and control to the next FAB.
  • The “Power Output” LED illuminates, when there is a voltage on the power supply output.
  • The “Fire Relay Normal” LED illuminates, when the Fire Alarm relay is OK (sealed)
  • Has one set of Clean NO and NC outputs for status monitoring of the Fire Alarm input.
  • Raising clamp type terminals will not damage cables and can accommodate up to 1 x 2.5mm2 cable for the signal side of the board but there are larger terminals for the door control power which can take upto 2 x 2.5mm2 cables.


  • Operating Voltage 9 to 16Vdc - 70mA at 13.6 Vdc
  • Control Contacts rated at 15Amps AC/DC
  • Dimensions: 110mm (w) x 60mm (h) x 23mm (d)
  • Interface to the fire alarm system by clean contact input
  • Two power output which enables the feeding of two TDL relay or fuse boards.
  • Total power output 15amps resistive max
  • Fire alarm system input monitoring
  • Quality raising clamp terminals (maximum cable size 2 x  2.5mm2)
  • Board dimensions: 110mm W x 60mm H x 23mm D
  • Compatible with the TDL Mounting Base with integrated cable trunking
TDL-FAB Fire Alarm Interface Board