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Proximity Exit Device

Prox-Rex® only requires the touch of a finger to activate, making it perfect for fast and easy egress and an advantage for the elderly and disabled.
Vandal-Resistant – all components are behind the plate

Press Rex®

Press Rex Exit Device

The Press Rex®  (Press to Exit) has an illuminated silicone push button of a size that can be easily pressed and seen in areas of limited lighting.
It also operates from 10 - 30Vdc.

Em Rex®

Emergency Exit Device

The Em-Rex® (Emergency Exit Device) is an emergency door release unit which can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Prox Rex® unit to make up a total access controlled exit solution.

Em Rex Front

Smart Em Rex®

Em Rex® with LED back lighting

The Smart Em Rex® operates in the same way as the standard Em Rex®  (Emergency Exit Device) but also includes LED Backlighting which allows both easy location and greater safety in emergencies involving areas of limited lighting.                                                    It also operates from 10 - 30Vdc